Wealth Insights

NCRI Offers “Wealth Insights”


“Wealth Insights” is a proprietary selection and segmentation tool that enables high-end Investment, Insurance and Financial companies as well as Upscale Merchandise and Services marketers to reach some of the most affluent, high net worth households in the country.

These consumers are heavily invested in their financial portfolios and have a high rate of disposable income that ensures their financial stability, security and retirement needs. These households have incomes in the $200K+ range with projected net worth of $1 million+.

Many other credit / financial, transactional, lifestyle and geo-demographic selection criteria are available to enhance and complement the Wealth Insights propensity model.

Please contact us for more information and custom-tailored recommendations to fit your specific customer acquisition and cross selling needs.

Prime Prospects for: High-end Investment & Financial offers, Premium Credit Cards, Luxury Goods and Travel and a variety of High Ticket offers.