Data Processing:

Computer Processing Services

List Hygiene:

NCRI is a non-exclusive licensee of the U.S. Postal Service’s Change of Address – NCOA LINK. This program increases deliverabilty through address verification, reduces postage costs, and improves response to your mail campaign results. Bar codes and CASS Certification are available upon request.

Address Hygiene

  • List/Address Standardization
  • Merge-purge for eliminating duplicates
  • DMA/MPS Do Not Mail Suppression
  • Deceased Suppression

Additional Processing Services

    • Reverse Data Append
    • Telephone Append
    • Database Management
    • Full NCOA© Processing

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Data Enhancement

NCRI combines hundreds of data elements from multiple sources to help you gain further insight on your customers. You can leverage this insight to improve your marketing efforts by increasing response from current customers, as well as identifying receptive look-alikes. NCRI’s Data Enhancement Services can enrich your data, allowing you to uncover new markets and cross-sell opportunities.

Our extensive data on more than 230 million consumers, and virtually every household in the United States, assure high match rates. Whether you choose to append one data element, such as telephone numbers or e-mail addresses, or one or more of our data clusters, we can provide multiple means to refine your marketing efforts.

Choose from various Data Clusters to enhance your files, including:

  • Demographics/Household Composition
  • Financial/Credit Data
  • Homeowner Data
  • Mail Order Buyer/Lifestyle Categories