Profile 100

Measures 100+ demographic, psychographic, and mail order buyer attributes against your customer file, profiling your best customers.

Model 99 ZIP Code Analysis Program

Clusters ZIP codes with similar demographic and geographic characteristics into unique, homogeneous cells, identifying ZIP clusters for concentration of future mailings.

Modeling & Analytics

Any analytic service is only as good as the information and the technology behind it. NCRI’s various Analytic Programs are designed to support our clients in achieving their marketing goals. Whether you want to refine your customer database or to draw from our response files, we can tailor special programs to fit your needs.

Response, Net Conversion, and Good Customer Clone Models:

NCRI employs Neural Net and Logistic Regression predictive modeling to analyze your data. These non-linear predictive modeling techniques analyze countless variables and recognize numerous relationships. Uncover your most responsive prospects and profitable customers.

NCRI Profitability Model

Ranks consumers into six distinct segments ranging from” Excellent” to “Poor” profitability by analyzing numerous demographic and credit attributes.

Credit Index Score

A powerful list segmentation and modeling tool that encompasses financial, transactional, and credit attributes at the ZIP+4 level in order to assign scores, ranging from 300 to 900, with 900 exhibiting the best credit characteristics. CIS is a highly effective predictive variable in response and conversion.

PRIZM NE© Power Analysis

Unique market segmentation tool created by Nielsen Claritas that links household and neighborhood
geodemographics at the ZIP+4 level and classifies them into one of 66 distinct segments, allowing you to pinpoint your best prospects...

P$YCLE® Segmentation Analysis

Evaluates consumer’s financial and transactional behavioral patterns and assigns households to one of 58 segments that display distinct usage patterns for products and services.

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